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Strategic Summit at CGHA2024

Day 1 – Strategic Summit


Field Trip
Strategic Summit
Student's Day
H2 Momentum
H2Innovate Next
Women in Clean Energy
Cocktail Reception
Gala Dinner / Sustainability & Diversity Night
Regional Development Forum
9th July 2024
10th July 2024
11th July 2024

2024 Strategic Summit Agenda

DAY 1   10 July | Wednesday   Morning Session

09:00 - 09:15 (15 mins)

[Opening Keynote] Starting with Victoria - Where Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Energy is Going
截屏2024-04-04 下午5.42.51.png

Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP
Minister for Climate Action, Energy & Resources, the State Electricity Commission
Victorian Government

09:15 - 09:25

(10 mins)

[Welcome Address] Developing a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy in APAC and Globally
  • Hon Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Australian Government

09:25 - 10:10 (45 mins)

[Government Opening Delivery] Towards Net Zero - Role of Hydrogen Globally
  • Queensland

  • Western Australia

  • Tasmania

  • Korea

  • Sarawak (Malaysia)

Shane King MP
Assistant Minister for Clean Energy Jobs
Queensland Government

10:10 - 11:00

(50 mins)

[C-Level Visionaries] Building the "Hydrogen Bridge" in the APAC Region and Globally
  • A virtuous circle in the APAC with geographic advantage

  • The importance of collaboration across sectors and regions: resources, experts and innovations

  • Market entry opportunities and managing risk

  • Strategic plans for hydrogen energy over the next five years

Wataru Ikushima
Senior Operating Officer, Power Division and General Manager, New Energy Business Development Department
Marubeni Corporation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Senior Representative
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


Dr. Samir J. Serhan
Chief Operating Officer
Air Products


Senior Representative

Coffee Break & Exhibition Tour 

11:30 - 12:20

(50 mins)

[Panel] Optimizing the Market Model for Regional and International Hydrogen Projects: System, Regulation, and Rules
  • Learn from the pilot projects

  • Policy support and possible regulatory mechanisms

  • Flexible industry standard recognized in multiple markets

  • Guarantee of Origin

  • Collaborative approach for stakeholder engagement


Florence Lindhaus
Head of Hydrogen
German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce


Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 11.14.06 PM.png

Alessandra Pasini
Co-Founder & President

James Choi
Honorary Ambassador; Senior Advisor, Prostar Capital
Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Markus Exenberger
Executive Director & Chairman
H2Global Stiftung

David Parker
Clean Energy Regulator

Samuel Morillon
Managing Director of Australia and
Vice President of Pacific

Siemens Energy

Stefan Håkansson
Chief Clean Energy Officer
GFG Alliance

12:20 - 12:40

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Diamond Sponsor – APAC Hydrogen Market Outlook


DAY 1   10 July | Afternoon  Strategic Summit

14:00 - 14:15

(15 mins)

[Keynote]Reserved for Diamond Sponsor - Hydrogen Safety and Regulations

14:15 - 14:30

(15 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Diamond Sponsor - Advances in Electrolyser Technology Sharing - Capacity and Efficiency

14:30 - 15:30

(60 mins)

[Panel] Beyond Concept: Industrializing Green Hydrogen Production and Supply Chain to Scale Impact
  • Co-development with clean energy projects - deployment and growth

  • Regional and community support

  • Release of electrolyzer output

  • Complex technology and solutions

  • Efficiency and Safety

Andrew Thornton
Executive General Manager, Integrated Gas
Origin Energy

Hisataka Yakabe
Executive Officer, Director of Hydrogen and Carbon Management Department
Tokyo Gas

Carlos Trench
General Manager Business Development
ENGIE Australia & New Zealand


Andrew Stewart
Chief Development and Sustainability Officer

Kristin Raman
Head of Strategy and Sustainability
Australia Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

John Cole
CEO and Founder
Edify Energy

Kim Enkelaar (Reserved)
Director for Hydrogen Development
Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania | Department of State Growth

15:30 - 15:50
(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Central Queensland Hydrogen Project by Stanwell

Phil Richardson
General Manager, Hydrogen Projects
Stanwell Corporation

15:50 - 16:10

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Diamond Sponsor

Coffee Break & Exhibition Tour (30 mins)


(10 mins)

[Keynote] Consideration from Hard-to-Abate Industry - POSCO's Strategy and Action

Dohyun Goh
Head of Steel-related Hydrogen Business
POSCO Holdings

16:50 - 17:50

(60 mins)

[Panel] Navigating Uncertainties of Offtake and Bankability for Hydrogen Projects
  • Market dynamics and participants

  • Evaluating its feasibility as a primary vector of green hydrogen to work as fuels and complement labile power output of renewables

  • Considerations in offtake structures

  • Getting funding commitments

  • The role of relevant hydrogen energy production and supply technologies in this context


Senior Representative
Gilbert + Tobin


Stephen Forshaw
Chief Representative ANZ

Attilio Pigneri
Founder and CEO
H2U - the Hydrogen Utility

Senior Representative
Office of Hydrogen Power SA

Hiro Shirakawa
Japan Region Chief
Environmental Defense Fund

Dr. Raymond Macdonald
Western Green Energy Hub

Alexandra McIntosh (Reserved)
Investment Director
Australian Renewable Energy Agency

17:50 - 18:05

(15 mins)

[Keynote] The Urgent Need to Decarbonise the Mining Industry - The Role of Hydrogen Energy

Eva Hanly
President APAC
Fortescue Energy

18:05 - 18:10

(05 mins)

Closing Address

18:30 - 19:30

(60 mins)

Cocktail Party

19:00 - 21:00


 Gala Dinner (Sustainability & Diversity Night)
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