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500+ 1-1 Meetings to be Scheduled (Powerd by Jublia)

Start building business connections and Partnerships by using Jublia 1:1 Meeting Platfrom, our user-friendly event matchmaking service.

How does it work?

It's incredibly simple. We will send the invitation link to all our conference delegates, guest speakers and exhibitors two weeks before the event. Sign in to the platform and the system will automatically match you and other attendees based on your meeting invitations. You will be able to book 1-1 meetings and meet your customers in the 1-1 meeting areas within the exhibition floor. 


Build your profile

Add your photo, simple introduction, social media links and more. Display what you want other to know!


Book 1:1 meetings

Select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a table number automaticaly.


Browse top matches

Jublia offers you matches based on what you're looking for and what you offer. View attendees' profiles that are ranked in order of relevance to you.


Manage your event schedule

Go to your calendar to manage your availability and meeting requests.

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