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Opportunities & Challenges:

Establishing Hydrogen Supply Chain Across APAC


“Green Hydrogen APAC” Live Webinar Series 02:

Opportunities & Challenges: Establishing Hydrogen Supply Chain Across APAC


18th March 2021, 17:00-18:15, AEDT TIME (UTC+11)

This webinar is the second one of our Green Hydrogen Webinar Seriesand it will focus closely on APAC hydrogen market trends, large-scale hydrogen production projects, promotion on liquid hydrogen & hydrogen gas supply and hydrogen application in energy storage.


Dr. Minh Khoi Le

Senior Research Analyst

Rystad Energy 

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Phil O’Neil

Hydrogen Transformation Partner


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Sam Lee Mohan

Manager, Innovation Projects

ATCO Australia 

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Keith Lovegrove

Managing Director

Ardent Underground Pty Ltd

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Martin Carolan

Executive Director, 

Corporate & Finance

Global Energy Ventures Ltd 

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  • Hydrogen energy market updates & opportunities in APAC

     - Dr. Minh Khoi Le, Senior Research Analyst, Rystad Energy 

  • Scaling up green hydrogen & ammonia production for domestic supply and export

      - Phil O’Neil, Hydrogen Transformation Partner, Worley 

  • The Role of Hydrogen in Our Future Energy Mix

     - Sam Lee Mohan, Manager, Innovation Projects, ATCO Australia 

  • Large scale hydrogen storage - the missing link to a green hydrogen future

      - Keith Lovegrove, Managing Director, Ardent Underground Pty Ltd

  • Facilitating Hydrogen Energy Export in APAC

     - Martin Carolan, Executive Director, Corporate & Finance, Global Energy Ventures Ltd

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