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Master Class:

How to Ensure Safety for Emerging Green Hydrogen Applications

Master Class: How to Ensure Safety for Emerging Green Hydrogen Applications

Insights Brought to You by:

Claudio Fecarotta

Business Development Manager (Fixed Gas & Flame Detection)

MSA Safety


As growing numbers of industries embrace the use of hydrogen it is important that the hazards of working with this fuel are understood, and the right safety measures and systems are put in place. While hydrogen is safer to handle than some other commonly used fuels (in that it disperses quickly into the air and is not toxic), it is still highly combustible and is an asphyxiant gas. Its unique properties also pose special challenges and using the right technologies to mitigate the risks of leakage and flame is important. 

This Master Class will explain how in general the four detection technologies work to put the hydrogen plant safe.


Holnam Sha

Senior Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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Meet the Speaker:

Claudio Fecarotta, Business Development Manager (Fixed Gas & Flame Detection), MSA Safety

Claudio has 22+ years of experience in gas and flame detection, focusing recently on the new energy market. He contributes to the Hydrogen economy ramp-up by actively supporting the safe deployment of clean Hydrogen throughout its life cycle. Through his safety standards expertise, knowledge and experience in layered fixed gas and flame detection, he guides Hydrogen users in technology selection and implementation, helping them to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

The course includes:

  • Hydrogen challenges and risks

  • Leak, gas and flame detection technologies

  • Protection layer concept

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