Rates in USD




Group Rate

(*for 3 and more delegates) 

Super Early Bird (40% Off)

Before Jan 31, 2022

1,290  USD  / delegate

1,190 USD / delegate

Early Bird (20% Off)

Feb 1 2021 - Mar 31, 2022

1,720  USD  / delegate

1,620 USD / delegate

Standard Rate

2,150 USD

Full-pass Benefits:

  • Full Access to two-day strategic conference

  • Access to two-day conference Networking: Breakfast Meeting, Energy & Sustainability Night, 1-on-1 Meeting etc.

  • Access to exhibition & exhibition networking 

  • Access to slides used in presentations and discussions

  • Meals and drinks as well as WiFi access

  • Access to Matchmaking Service (powered by Jublia) and unlock unlimited face to face meeting opportunities

  • Logo in Companies Attending

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  • Cancellation Policy


This is a non-refundable conference. Registrations are however transferable (see Substitution of Delegates Policy below). Should you have extenuating circumstances, you can submit your substitution request to: holnam@h2.leader-associates.com. Please remember that canceling your registration does not automatically cancel your hotel and travel arrangements. Individuals are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations.

  • Substitution of Delegate Policy


Substitutions, including those made on-site, are allowed with the written permission of the original registrant. Requests for substitutions will only be accepted by email to holnam@h2.leader-associates.com. The substituted delegate must be from the same organization as the cancelled delegate.