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Sponsor CGHA2024

Customized sponsorship package | Diversified event experience | 1200+ attendees

Now is the time to secure your place in the growth of the booming
APAC Hydrogen Energy industry.

Unlock your full business potential by investing in a tailored campaign engaging directly with your target audience. Our bespoke packages span the entire event cycle, magnifying your brand before, during and after the event, and placing you at the forefront of your industry. 

With multiple branding and marketing opportunities across the CGHA2024, no matter your business objectives or budget, we will support you to customise your sponsorship package to meet your specific requirements, reach your target audience and deliver your business proposition effectively.

  • Position your company to win contracts and secure market share through heightened visibility as a speaker, sponsor and exhibitor in front of hydrogen producers, suppliers, users and key government officials.

  • Network with C-level executives from a mix of regional and international companies. This will allow you to identify industry collaborators and new clients as the APAC Hydrogen energy industry ramps up!

  • Get your company into the supply chain. CGHA2024 is the No.1 hub for establishing companies in the APAC Hydrogen supply chain.

Indicate your interest to sponsor and we will contact you shortly!


Incorporate CGHA2024 into your marketing and branding strategy by showcasing your organization at this exceptional event and gain maximum brand exposure by directly reaching your target audience. Browse through our various sponsorship, advertising, and exhibiting opportunities to create a custom package that matches your organization’s unique marketing goals.

  • Showcase your leadership in the industry with very limited speaking slots available

  • Put your company in the spotlight through 1-1 meetings, lunch, coffee or networking party and gala dinner sponsorship 

  • Get your company into the supply chain by adding a turnkey exhibition booth

  • On and offline international marketing campaigns targeting 100,000+ global hydrogen professionals 

  • Customized branding and networking-oriented packages


Programme & Speakers Enquires

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Sponsorship & Delegates Inquires

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CGHA2024 is a high-level conference & Exhibition that will involve 3,000+ decision-makers from around the world.

CGHA2024 provides fantastic opportunities to expose your brand to the most influential audience in the promising market

100+ Speakers with 2000+ Attendees

Hear from 100+ world-class speakers. Discuss the most valuable key insights with top-notch stakeholders and decision makers.

10+ Diversified Sponsorship Packages

Meet company's branding and marketing demand. Ensure excellent on-site experience to deliver the company strength.

Learning and Development back to Office

CGHM2022's educational content, informative discussions, and innovative technical boxes mean that you can bring valuable skills back to your office.

Build Brand Recognition among Competitors

Along with a multitude of supply chain matchmaking activities, sponsor can build a bigger presence in front of every major policymaker, developer, operator, investor, manufacturer and more.

Indicate your interest to sponsor and we will contact you shortly!

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