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Strategic Summit at CGHA2024

Day 2 – Strategic Summit


Strategic Summit
Student's Day
H2 Momentum
H2Innovate Next
Women in Net-zero Future Program
Cocktail Reception
Gala Dinner / Sustainability & Diversity Night
Regional Development Forum
9th July 2024
10th July 2024
11th July 2024

2024 Strategic Summit Agenda

DAY 2   11 July | Thursday Morning Session

09:00 - 09:10

(10 mins)

[Opening Welcome Address]

09:10 - 09:25

(10 mins)

[Keynote] Australia Hydrogen Roadmap

09:25 - 10:15

(50 mins)

[Panel] Global Export and Import - Consideration from Production to Supply to Make Broader Access Possible
  • Trade scheme and network

  • Construction, capacity and support facilities

  • Define the role of energy hubs, ports and port industrial clusters

  • Suitable energy carriers make transportation easier


David Norman
Future Fuels CRC


Menno Weustink
Vice President New Energy APAC
Woodside Energy

Alana Barlow
Deputy Director General Hydrogen and Future Fuels
Department of Energy and Climate Queensland

Wai Wah Tham
Chief Sustainability Officer & Senior Director/Chief Engineer
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Andrew Tan
President & CEO
Chiyoda Oceania

Yuko Fukuma
General Manager, Hydrogen Engineering Australia; Senior Staff Officer
Kawasaki Heavy Industries

10:15 - 10:35

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Envision

Coffee Break & Exhibition Tour (30 mins)

11:05 - 11:25

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for NEUMAN & ESSER

Arnd Viets 
Managing Director
NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia Ltd. | Korea Co., Ltd.

11:25 - 12:15

(50 mins)

[Panel] Mapping a Thriving National Hydrogen Supply Chain with Sophisticated Infrastractures
  • Confirmation of local situations and supply forms in Australia

  • Plan and obstacles: hydrogen park, pipeline and refueling

  • Cost resilience, security of supply, and social licence

  • Improving the efficiency of hydrogen supply process design and implementation through technology and data


Clayton Warner
General Manager, Energy & Resources Eastern Australia
Fyfe Pty Ltd


Caroline Beattie
General Manager Future Energy
APA Group

Russell James
General Manager Hydrogen and Future Fuels
ATCO Australia

Kam Ho
Managing Director APAC, TotalEnergies H2

Rob Bryant 
Executive Vice President, Asia-Pacific

Steve Quilter
Executive General Manager Growth and Future Energy
Stanwell (Reserved)

12:15 - 12:35

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for Platinum Sponsor

Lunch & Networking Break

DAY 2   11 July | Afternoon Strategic Summit

14:00 - 14:15

(15 mins)

[Keynote] Industry Frontiers - Paradigmatic Case Sharing

Andrew Hoare
Head of Shipping and Marine Projects
Fortescue Energy

14:15 - 14:35

(20 mins)

[Keynote] Driving Efficiency: Case Studies in Measurement Excellence for Green Hydrogen Operations
  • Join us on a journey to explore the profound impact of advanced measurement practices on safety, efficiency, and operational excellence in green hydrogen production and application. 

  • Through engaging case studies, we demonstrate how cutting-edge measurement tools have enabled businesses to refine their processes and optimize performance. Delve into firsthand experiences where the reliability of measurement devices has been instrumental in streamlining operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and upholding rigorous quality standards. 

  • From production to end-user applications, these narratives highlight the transformative potential of harnessing state-of-the-art measurement technologies. Acquire invaluable insights and practical strategies to elevate your green hydrogen operations to unprecedented levels of success.

Jenish Gheewala
Industry Development Manager, Global Industry Management - Oil & Gas
Endress+Hauser Group

14:35 - 15:25

(50 mins)

[Panel] Green Ammonia and Methanol: Increase the Scenarios of Hydrogen with the Help of Multiple Forms
  • Compare the technology, economics and scope of application

  • Consideration of global supply and the affordability

  • Seeking pragmatic approaches to advancing hydrogen projects


Julian Atchison
Communication Manager
Ammonia Energy Association


Julie-Anna Smith
Business Development & Sales Director - Industry
Bureau Veritas

David Stribley
HAMR Energy

Leigh Holder
Director of Business Development - Australia
Yara Clean Ammonia

Paul Kanters
Managing Director Australia
Vopak Terminals

Rhys Tucker
Chief Technology Officer
ABEL Energy

Coffee Break & Exhibition Tour (30 mins)

15:55 - 16:20

(25 mins)

[Keynote] Reserved for A&O Shearman

16:20 - 17:10

(50 mins)

[Panel] Finding More "Sweet Spots": Hydrogen as an Important Channel and Mean to Promote Industrial Decarbonisation
  • Make hydrogen attractive in power, mobility (aviation, buses, trucks, mining vehicles, shipping), chemical, steel and more industries

  • Assessing the cases and determing the main application scenarios

  • Check the reliability and cost parity

  • Refueling challenges and solutions

  • Transition troubles: how to balance the multiple energy inputs

Daisuke Fujihashi
General Manager, Carbon Solution Projects Carbon Solution Development Unit

Rebecca Tomkinson
Chief Executive Officer
The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia

Tim Kehoe
Managing Director
Air Liquide Australia

Connie Lo
Vice President

Svein Erik Øiestad
Head of Business Development & Sales
Amogy Singapore

17:10 - 17:15

(05 mins)

Closing Address by the Chair
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