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CGHA Impact Interview:

Germany-Australia Collaboration to Forge a Mutual Hydrogen Future  

Germany has set ambitious climate goals, aiming for GHG neutrality by 2045, and the recently announced Australia-Germany Hydrogen Accord further reinforces the bilateral collaboration on climate change action and emissions reduction. In this Impact Interview with Mr. Christian Maaß, the Director-General at Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action (Germany), we delved into the vital topic of Germany-Australia collaboration on green hydrogen, exploring trade mechanisms that can stimulate hydrogen exports to Germany.

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy

  • Details of the Australia-Germany Hydrogen Accord

  • Australia’s role in enhancing Germany’s hydrogen supply chain and potential mechanism

  • Cost-effective ways of hydrogen transportation between Australia and Germany

Christian Maaß


Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action (Germany)

We will always be an energy importing country, we put such a strong emphasis on hydrogen right now, our first ambition is to get the industry decarbonized...


- Christian Maaß, Director-General, Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action (Germany)

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