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Field Trip Experience at CGHA2024

Field Trip - CSIRO Clayton

Field Trip - CSIRO Clayton
Field Trip Partner:
Date: 9 July, 2024
Location: CSIRO Clayton, Research Way, Clayton VIC 3168
Tour Capacity: 35-45 people will be divided into  3 group to fit the capacity of each lab
Service include:  Round-trip bus, snacks, water

Meet at 11:30am at Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center

Departure Time from MCEC: about 11:40am
End Time at MCEC: 16:00pm
Visiting Time: 3 hours at CSIRO Clayton

CSIRO Site Host: Karen Kozielski 

Tour Arrangements: 
The Tour will start at CSIRO Clayton Main Reception and the arrangements will be made by CSIRO staff on the day of the visit, subject to availability
Meeting Room: Ian Wark Theatre (Clayton Central)
Introduction of the detailed tour:
            Short Introduction:
           Presentation: The CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission was formally launched in May 2021 and focuses on leveraging CSIRO's hydrogen research capabilities in partnership with  government, industry and the research community.
            Short Introduction:
           The Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Facility includes a refuelling station, hydrogen production and storage facilities to bring researchers, industry partners and businesses together to test and demonstrate emerging hydrogen technologies.
         please note photography is not allowed here due to the commercial nature of the work.  
          Short Introduction:
         At CHES, we work with industry to identify emerging energy conversion, generation and storage technologies, to meet specific end-user power requirements. The collaborative space can be used to share the benefits of emerging hybrid energy systems with Australian industry partners and government bodies.
            Short Introduction:
           CSIRO scientists will build a demonstration unit based on patented technology to efficiently generate hydrogen from liquid carriers. The use of a liquid carrier enables hydrogen to be safely and efficiently stored and transported in tanks from where it is produced – like a remote solar or wind farm – to where the energy is to be used.
CSIRO  Representatives:
  • Dr Patrick Hartley, Leader, Hydrogen Industry Mission
  • Dr Karen Kozielski, Deputy Director, Hydrogen Industry Mission
  • Dr Sarb Giddey, Group Leader of the Thermal and Electrochemical Technologies Group
  • Mr Rafiq Ali, Senior Research Engineer, Hydrogen Mission Projects Team
  • ​Dr John Chiefari, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Continuous Flow Catalysis

Field Trip Experience Presented By:

Dr Patrick Hartley

Leader, Hydrogen Industry Mission

Dr Karen Kozielski

Deputy Director, Hydrogen Industry Mission

Dr Sarbjit Giddey

Research Group Leader, Thermal and Electrochemical Technologies

Dr John Chiefari

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Continuous Flow Catalysis

Morning Session: Industry Trends and Talent Match

10:00 - 10:20

(20 mins)

 [Track 1] The Need for Green Transition and the Market Opportunities
  • 20min Presentation + Live Interaction

  • In order to reach the goal of reducing emissions, the green energy transition has become an inescapable topic for countries and energy companies. In this context, we will witness the changes in the energy industry, and how should we plan and look forward to the future.

10:20 - 10:40

(40 mins)

[Track 2] Turning the Technical Difficulties of the Energy Transition into Opportunities
  • 20min Presentation + Live Interaction

  • Industry transformation comes with a plethora of technological barriers and breakthroughs, what areas have the hot technology topics right now and what are the interesting possibilities for potential research directions?

10:40 - 11:00

(20 mins)

[Track 3] Supporting the Energy Transition with Great Australian Science
  • 20min Presentation + Live Interaction

  • Abstract: The energy transition is providing opportunities for Australian scientists to shine. Dr Karen Kozielski is the deputy leader of the CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, and has led teams of researchers in this exciting space. She will share CSIRO’s approach and some of the ground breaking research happening in hydrogen.

Dr Karen Kozielski
Deputy Leader, Hydrogen Industry Mission

11:00 - 11:20

(20 mins)

[Track 4] Unlocking Tomorrow's Energy: Exploring Market Trends and Opportunities for Students
  • 20min Presentation + Live Interaction

  • Abstract: More to Come

Professor Paul Medwell
School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
The University of Adelaide

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