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Optimizing Australia's Pathway to Being A Global Hydrogen Leader - Policy Updates by Northern Territory  

Minister Welcome: Optimizing Australia's Pathway to Being A Global Hydrogen Leader - Policy Updates by Northern Territory 

Insights Brought to You by:

Hon Selena Uibo

Minister for Renewables and Energy

Northern Territory Government 

In this enlightening video, Ms. Hon Selena Uibo, Minister for Renewables and Energy at the Northern Territory Government, delivers a captivating opening speech for CGHA2023.

Join us in this groundbreaking video as Ms. Hon Selena Uibo sets the stage for CGHA2023, offering a glimpse into Australia's ambitious journey towards becoming a frontrunner in the global hydrogen industry. Prepare to be inspired and informed as she presents the Northern Territory's policy updates, igniting a passion for sustainable hydrogen solutions and propelling the industry towards a greener and more prosperous future.

Key takeaways from the Minister’s address:

With a potential 22.2 billion dollars of renewable projects pipeline, the Territory hydrogen future is looking promising, making strong headway towards its 50 % target by 2030. Since 2017, the Northern Territory has delivered a number of initiatives to increase renewable energy demand. In July 2020, the Territory released its renewable hydrogen streategy which was followed in October 2021 by the Northern Territory Master Plan focusing on the foundations to enable renewable hydrogen industry through fir for purpose regulation renewable energy resource assessments. The recent Northern Territory Budget allocated AU$ 1.7 million to collect and publish investment grade with resource data.

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