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[IMPACT Webinar]:

Growing Australia’s Hydrogen Industry in 2024: Cutting-edge Project Showcase and Key Updates

[IMPACT Webinar]: Growing Australia’s Hydrogen Industry in 2024: Cutting-edge Project Showcase and Key Updates

Joined by esteemed thought leaders from prominent green hydrogen projects across Australia, the Impact Webinar “Growing Australia’s Hydrogen Industry in 2024: Cutting-edge Project Showcase and Key Updates” brought invaluable insights into their successful projects, spanning from initial planning to full operation and application.

Watch the full video recording now and gain access to real-world case studies elucidating pivotal factors such as strategic planning, financing mechanisms, engineering strategies, and regulatory support that underpin the achievement of cost competitiveness, supply chain security, and commercial viability in the realm of green hydrogen projects.


Event Timestamp:

0:03:27-0:15:32 | Quality, Safety, and Compatibility: Standardizing Australia’s Growing Hydrogen Industry Via HyStandards

Claire Jordan-Peter, HyStandards Proiect, CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission

0:15:32-0:31:23 | Exploring Opportunities for the Production of Carbon-neutral E-methane in Australia  

Hisataka Yakabe, Executive Officer, Director of Hydrogen and Carbon Management Department, Tokyo Gas 

0:32:14-0:48:13 | A Deep Dive into the World's First Ammonia Marine Bunker Operation

Andrew Hoare, Global Head of Shipping and Marine Projects, Fortescue Energy 

0:48:15-1:01:26 | Exploring Offtaking Green Hydrogen to Support the Decarbonization of Iron and Steel Production in South Australia

Wayne Harris, General Manager - Planning & Business Development (GFG Global Industrial Planning Office), GFG Alliance 

1:01:44-1:13:22 | Hydrogen Infrastructure - Scaling the Hydrogen Supply Chain 

Frank DePasquale, General Manager Commercial Large Industries, Air Liquide 

1:13:37-1:32:41 | Towards Net-Zero: Case Sharing of the Hunter Energy Hub

Seth Pathiyil, Head of Hunter Energy Hub, AGL Energy  

Key takeaways:

1. CSIRO, and Standards Australia have launched a new resource called HyStandards to help the find the relevant Australian and international standards for hydrogen projects.

HyStandards is a highly visual and interactive tool allowing users to select from five different scenarios to reveal a comprehensive list of applicable Australian and international standards. With more than 100 hydrogen-relevant standards in the database, users can filter standards for equipment type or use, then either access the standards or download the list.

2. Fortescue plans to eliminate all Scope 1 and 2 emissions from its operations by 2030 and achieve Net Zero Scope 3 emissions by 2040.

As a carrier for hydrogen, ammonia can be transported to demand centres for power generation and as a marine fuel in support of the energy transition. Several dual-fueled ammonia vessels have been ordered by shipowners. Fortescue, with the support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), has successfully conducted the world's first use of ammonia, in combination with diesel in the combustion process, as a marine fuel onboard the Singapore-flagged ammonia-powered vessel, the Fortescue Green Pioneer, in the Port of Singapore.

3. The massive green iron opportunity is there for Australia to develop, but it requires strategic public capital investment and a decarbonised grid.

To facilitate and lock in opportunities for the development of green iron, Australian iron ore majors should be paying far more attention to targeting meaningful and credible reductions in their Scope 3 (exported) emissions, and directing capex to decarbonisation accordingly. On green steel, the Australian federal government should be incentivising domestic demand “pull” encouraging steel firms to pivot from outdated coal-powered blast furnaces to electric arc furnace technologies.      

4. AGLs existing thermal assets provide suitable locations for futureIndustrial Energy Hubs

The “Hunter Energy Hub” project proponents are undertaking studies to explore the development of a renewables-based hydrogen and ammonia production facility in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. The proposed facility forms part of a AGL ‘Hunter Energy Hub’ development, that would combine grid-scale batteries, solar thermal storage, wind and pumped hydro, mapped key operational and commercial plans for the project as well as developing a production timeline.

5. Japan’s Tokyo Gas and Autralian LNG producer, Santos Tokyo Gas, are joining forces to produce e-methane in Australia and ship it to Japan.

E-methane is made by combining green hydrogen and CO2 obtained from carbon capture of industrial emissions or direct air capture (DAC) technology. Tokyo gas and its partners will evaluate the potential to produce e-methane for export to Japan, leveraging extensive existing infrastructure. The partners target first production of e-methane for 2030. Tokyo Gas is also part of a consortium looking into the possibility of producing synthetic methane (e-methane) and liquefying it at Sempra’s Cameron LNG plant in the US.

Insights Brought to You by:

Claire Jordan-Peters

HyStandards Proiect

CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission

Andrew Hoare

Global Head of Shipping and Marine Projects 

Fortescue Energy

Wayne Harris

General Manager - Planning & Business Development (GFG Global Industrial Planning Office)

GFG Alliance 

Frank DePasquale

General Manager Commercial Large Industries

Air Liquide

Seth Pathiyil 

Head of Hunter Energy Hub

AGL Energy

Hisataka Yakabe

Executive Officer, Director of Hydrogen and Carbon Management Department 

Tokyo Gas


Holnam Sha

Senior Content Analyst

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