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CGHA Impact Interview:

How is Clean Energy Regulator Shaping Australia’s Transformative Hydrogen Industry

The Clean Energy Regulator is a Government body responsible for accelerating carbon abatement for Australia through the administration of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, Renewable Energy Target and the Emissions Reduction Fund. Joining this Impact Interview with Mr. Mark Williamson, the Executive General Manager of the Clean Energy Regulator as we revolving around the exciting developments in hydrogen within Australia and the crucial role played by the Clean Energy Regulator in shaping this transformative industry.

Mark Williamson

Executive General Manager

Clean Energy Regulator

Firstly, we will complete our South Australia Project, and then we will make the highly anticipated CQH2 happen.


- Wataru Ikushima, General Manager of the New Energy Business Development Department, Marubeni Corporation

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discussed...

  • Mr. Mark Williamson’s professional journey within the energy sector

  • Opportunities that a mature hydrogen industry can bring to Australia's energy economy

  • Main challenges facing regulating and scaling up Australia’s hydrogen industry

  • Details of the Guarantee of Origin scheme

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