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Master Class:

Climate Geopolitics and Australia's Hydrogen Journey

Master Class: Climate Geopolitics and Australia’s Hydrogen Journey

Insights Brought to You by:

Mendo Kundevski

Director, Energy Transition 

S&P Global


According to S&P Global Commodity Insights, the world is heading towards 3 degrees of global warming by 2050. Therefore, more effort should be made to achieve decarbonization. Meanwhile, the geopolitical tension between the great powers—especially the competition between the United States and China is considered to shape the future for years to come.


This Master Class mainly focuses on climate geopolitics, and talks about Australia’s hydrogen journey through the lens of geopolitical tensions.


Eileen Tang

Assistant Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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Meet the Speaker:

Mendo Kundevski is the Director of Energy Transition at S&P Global. He is a strategy, policy, and stakeholder specialist with consulting, government and industry experience. He solves policy challenges and develops strong solutions by understanding and reconciling diverse views and information.

The majority of his work has focused on helping public, private and non-government organisations with innovative, practical economic, sustainability, climate change and energy transition policies, strategies and solutions.

As a trusted advisor to governments and industry, some of his prominent achievements include:

  • Advising the International Hydrogen Council

  • Advising Japanese, United States, South Korean and Australian companies and governments on climate, energy transition and hydrogen

  • Leading supervisor and author of Australia’s first Bioenergy Roadmap

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The course includes:

  • S&P Global Commodity Insights’ globally-connected climate and hydrogen assessment

  • The competition between the United States and China on climate change

  • Australia’s hydrogen strategy under the geopolitical tensions

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