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Master Class:

Optimising Green Hydrogen Projects Using AFRY’s Hydrogen Configuration and Optimisation Tool

Master Class: Optimising Green Hydrogen Projects Using AFRY’s Hydrogen Configuration and Optimisation Tool

Insights Brought to You by:

Solomos Georgiou

Senior Consultant

AFRY Management Consulting


One of the biggest challenges of green hydrogen production is the intermittency of RES. Flexible solutions and optimisation of renewable energy sourcing, system sizing, and operation of the plant present opportunities to improve the cost competitiveness of the hydrogen system.


This Master Class focuses on some of the challenges associated with green hydrogen production and how AFRY's hydrogen optimisation tool can help in addressing those challenges in a cost-effective way.


Eileen Tang

Assistant Content Analyst

Leader Associates

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Meet the Speaker:

Dr. Solomos Georgiou is a Senior Consultant in AFRY’s London Office. He is part of AFRY's hydrogen expertise cluster in Management Consulting, and he has consulting and modelling experience in hydrogen as well as several electricity markets. He also has extensive research experience in numerous energy related topics acquired mostly through his time as researcher. He holds a MEng in Civil Engineering from University of Bristol, a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College London and a PhD in Engineering from Imperial College London.

The course includes:

  • Challenges of green hydrogen production

  • Analysis of flexible solutions

  • Key features of AFRY’s optimisation tool and how it can help

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